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Health Plans

A Health Plan is often the single most important benefit an employer can offer as a part of job compensation. Employees want to know that you value their health and well-being.

John James Benefits works with every major health insurance carrier to insure that both small clients with fewer than 50 employees and larger clients with more than 50 employees receive the maximum benefit for their healthcare dollars. Each plan is carefully customized to fit the needs of employers and employees.

John James Benefits will help you find the right combination of cost-effective health benefits that fulfill your employees needs, and impact positively on your bottom-line.

Dental Plans

Dental Plans provide employees with added-value they may not find with another employer. We work with all major Dental Insurance Providers to find cost-effective plans that bring value to your business through your staff.


Vision Plans

Vision Plans are a great way to help employees see the value you bring them with your benefits package. Many businesses do not include Vision Plans as part of their compensation package, so they can be a valuable differentiator for you in the minds of employees.

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Ancillary Benefit Plans

In addition to traditional health benefits, we offer valuable ancillary services that will give your employees peace of mind and the understanding that you are looking out for their best interests.

Provide employees with the necessary coverage and support to help them through unexpected, difficult times in their lives. Help your employees get back to focusing on productive, efficient work and on their careers.

Ancillary Benefit Plans offer employees another way to experience job satisfaction, appreciation, and the desire to work harder for the company. These plans also help to differentiate you from the competition in the eyes of your employees.

Group Life Insurance

Provide your employees and their families with security through our Group Life Insurance Plans. We offer a full range of plans that can be customized to fit your Life Insurance needs.

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Group Disability

Group Disability insurance will provide you and your employees with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are covered in the event of an unfortunate accident or medical diagnosis. Your employees will work harder because they know you work hard for them.

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Workers’ Compensation

Employees can injure themselves on the job in uncommon settings. Workers’ Compensation will provide you and your employees the coverage to continue working and living, while maintaining an amicable professional relationship.

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