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YOUR STRATEGICHuman Resources Partner
As an extension of your human resources department, we offer seamless employee benefit solutions in Health, Dental, Vision, and Financial benefits.
YOUR STRATEGICHuman Resource Solution Partner
As an extension of your human resources department, we offer seamless employee benefit management in Health, Dental, Vision, and Financial benefits..
YOUR STRATEGICHuman Resources Partner
As an extension of your human resources department, we offer seamless employee benefit management in Health, Dental, Vision, and Financial benefits.

John Camiolo CEO John James Employee Benefits NY

HR Made Easy

As an extension of your human resources department, we offer you a seamless process for managing employee benefits by dealing directly with the appropriate Health, Dental, Vision and Financial organizations. Our services save your company money, make benefits processing easier and provide lasting value for everyone:


Benefits Administrators will experience a full range of brokerage services including competitive quoting and annual cost comparisons, customized electronic employee enrollment and termination, employee surveys, COBRA compliance, and employee handbook review.>


Your employees will appreciate the value you offer through their employee benefits. They will have access to customized employee benefit portals, claims support and intervention, and correspondence related to COBRA, HIPAA and Salary Redirection.>


Using advanced technology, our State of the Art Benefit Management platform makes management of your employee benefits programs reach optimal efficiency and transparency.>

OUR SERVICESWe deliver HR outsourcing services through integrated technology

For over 25 years, John James Benefits, Ltd has provided its clients with superior service and value. We are a trusted industry leader, and have built our reputation utilizing a mixture of cutting edge technology and personalized service that has defined our storied history.


Employee benefits to retain employees

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Employers Take the Reins on Healthcare Delivery

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Participation in Financial Wellness Programs Needs Boosting

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Focus on Your MissionWhile We Focus on Your Employee Benefits


I have worked with John and his team in a variety of capacities. John personally invests himself in his client relationships and far exceeds any reasonable (and even unreasonable) expectations. This transcends just being a 'nice guy' or 'working hard'... John has an incredible network of resources and an exceptional ability to navigate any red tape, procedures, etc. John's team is a valuable extension of our HR department and John has demonstrated time and time again his commitment to helping positively resolve any employee questions or claims. Each year, we are provided with a thorough analysis of a variety of plan options tailored specifically to our group and considering issues right down to the participant level. Combine this with their intuitive on-line portal and streamlined operations and you get unparalleled coverage/service at an extremely competitive price point. I give John my highest personal and professional endorsement. Cross Country Computer Corporation Tom Berger, Principal & CEO
Cross Country Computer Corporation (Tom Duffy, Vice President)
Scott and the team at John James Benefits has provided health benefits for our firm for many years with the most professional attitude. His knowledge of the health benefits industry, structuring of our plans, creativity & client services are without parallel to any I have experienced in my over 30 years as a professional.
Mark Dolinger (GETTRY MARCUS, CPA, P.C)
John Camiolo and his experienced team at John James Benefits, Ltd. provide customer service that is second to none. John and his team bring excellent insight into the everchanging world of employer sponsered benefits. John walked me through all my options to provide the best coverage at the best possible price and set-up web portals to ensure a smooth transition and adminstration of the company plans to include Health, Dental, Disability, FSA, etc. I highly recommend John and his team at John James Benefits to guide you through the selection and adminstration process of your employer sponsered health care plans.
Ellery Homestyles (Stephen Piekarz, VP of Finance)
“As you know, we employ over 700 people and there are many demands on my department. Your office has been very responsive and creative with our needs and has been a tremendous help in times of company crisis. Upon renewal, you were successful at eliminating our increase where all others have failed. You have delivered on your promises, and we are very satisfied with your work.”
American Home Mortgage (Scott Byne, Director of Human Resources)
“Your firm provided a very smooth transition by constructing a customized Benefits Portal that allowed our employees to access all their plan information, link to the carrier and even enroll online. This virtually eliminated the paperwork nightmare associated with a switch of health plans.” “Your firm is in constant contact with our Human Resources department, offering assistance in enrollment and terminations and wherever else is needed.”
Wank Adams Slavin Associates (Daniel J. Mulcair, Controller)
“John James Benefits, Ltd. has also been very successful in negotiating aggressively with the various insurance companies on MRA’s behalf regarding pricing and thoroughness of our renewal report and presentation.” “The flexibility and thoroughness of the John James Benefits client portals, which allow employees from geographically diverse areas to access their benefits information and enroll and receive their compulsory COBRA & HIPAA notifications, has been a major success.”
Metropolitan Research Associates (Barbara R. DiMaggio, Manager, Human Resources)

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